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Most people have never heard of an Amazon Warehouse Deal!

I remember when we stumbled upon them and now we are hooked.

Who would have known you can score DEEP discounts from so many items?

These items are discounted for many reasons, such as:

  • Damaged in the warehouse
  • New but opened-box condition
  • Returned and cannot be re-sold as new
  • Used
  • Refurbished items that are still in good condition but aren’t up to Amazon’s high standards as a “new” item!

My personal go-to is “Used-Like New”.

Here is the definition from Amazon on what that is:

Used – Like New or Open Box: An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible. Instructions are included.

This information, as well as the definitions of other conditions can be found here:

Marketplace Items Condition Guidelines


WHO CARES IF THE PACKAGING IS DAMAGED!? I surely do not! I just need my product.

👇🏻My all-time favorite Warehouse find was a pair of Adidas Ultraboost, brand new, just missing the box! 👇🏻

They were literally PERFECT! I paid $61.50 pre-tax for them in January 2020, and I checked today (07/24/20) and the list price was $134.46! WHAT A STEAL!